RI Grand Council

Grand Council Officers

M I Grand Master William B. Ripley
R I Deputy Grand Master Robert Maddix
R I Grand Principal Conductor of Work      Russell Lorenson
R I Grand Treasurer Steven M. Ringeling, PGM
R I Assistant Grand Treasurer Rick Baccus
R I Grand Recorder John A. Lawson III
R I Assistant Grand Recorder Richard Belford
R I Grand Captain of Guard Earnest Windergren
R I Grand Chaplain Christopher P Ellis
R I Grand Marshal Robert A. Palazzo
R I Grand Lecturer Clifford Cost
R I Grand Historian John A. Lawson III
R I Grand Musical Director  Frank Castellone
Ill Assistant Grand Musical Director  
R I Grand Conductor of Council Dr. Howard Malin, MD
R I Grand Steward Robert A. Nista
R I Grand Sentinel Joseph Kern